Our skateboards are manufactured in house from start to finish using 100% North American / Canadian Hard rock Maple. They are pressed with glue specially designed for skateboards. All our decks are pressed using a cold-ress technique with 60 tons of pressure. Three skateboards are pressed per mold, to insure concave consistancy. We use the best glue available on the market, it gives the boards the best balance between pop and flexibility. We use 7plys per deck: 1/16th thickness for our core and face grade veneers in combination with crossband veneers 1/24th thick, this combination gives the thinest, lightest, strongest board possible. Most decks are pressed and stained top veneer and one strained core. Decks are finished off with 3 coats of lacquer gloss. The first coat is to seal, second and third coat to give the board a glossy finish. All decks are custom made for your order and are 100% guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

* All decks are made from 100% North American / Canadian Hard rock Maple.

* A core veneer has grains going length wise across the board from nose to tail.

* A crossband is a veneer with grains going across the width of the board.

1. Face - 1/16”
2. Core - 1/16”
3. Crossband - 1/24"
4. Core - 1/16"
5. Crossband - 1/24"
6. Core - 1/16"
7. Face - 1/16”