My name is Chris Atchison, I started South Central Skateboard Mfg in 1992, but my passion for skateboarding started much earlier. I can remember skateboarding in the driveway on my Father’s skateboard when I was about five years old. Until I was 14 skateboarding was more of a novelty sport for me; like throwing a frisbee, riding a bike or any other random thing a kid would do for fun. At 14 skateboarding became a lifestyle for me. All I wanted to do was skate. As I got older and had to start thinking of how I was going to make a living my first thoughts were to become a professional skateboarder. Lacking the skills to become pro I decided since I liked woodworking (primarily from building lots of skateboard ramps) the next best thing was to manufacture skateboards. My senior year in highschool I started ordering blank decks from Cali and printing my own logo on them. I would sell them to the local skaters and gradually built up enough money to buy equipment to make decks. My first year out of highschool i started to press my own decks. My mother was cool enough to let me press up skateboards in my bedroom and cut them out on the back porch. At first it was a little difficult. I had to learn everything by trial and error. At the time there weren’t many manufacturers and the process was top secret. For the first 2 or 3 years while I was perfecting my process, I started a window washing company. I would wash windows during the day, go to college at night, and make skateboards on the weekend. .I would travel to different cities in the south (Atlanta, Birmingham, Florida) to sell decks at skatespots. I also started to make decks for a few small east coast brands. By 1994 I became so busy that I was able to quit college and the window washing business to make decks full time. In 2000 I married my wife Elena and she came aboard to work with me. We now work together as a team and strive to provide the best service and products available. We now manufacture decks world wide for the skateboard industry.